Small Business Video Marketing

YouTube is the largest network for video marketing, and for small businesses there’s no better way to build your brand and attract potential customers. Research by ComScore suggests than individuals now spend an average of two hours per week watching YouTube videos, so make sure your business is part of the action. These top tips will help when you’re starting out with YouTube marketing for a small business. Continue reading Small Business Video Marketing

How To Promote Your Startup

Starting up an Internet business can be hard. While it’s tempting to expect the consumers and the money to roll in as soon as you launch a website, not giving your site the exposure it needs will mean it will just end up collecting dust on page 12 of your Google search. You need to find the right platform to attract maximal media attention to generate the traffic you desire. Continue reading How To Promote Your Startup

7 Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes

It has never been so easy to create your own online marketing strategy. By taking advantage of the masses of free tools and expertise available online, many SMEs have efficiently reached their target market, and helped expand their business. Despite this, there are still many people messing this up, killing their business by commit the seven sins of internet marketing. Continue reading 7 Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes

WordPress Speed up Tips

A slow website is a dead website. It is good for nothing. Just put on the shoes of a general user and then only you can feel the pain when you have to wait for hours, literary of course, to see your WordPress blog loaded properly. Moreover, Google seems obsessed with speed and they have already launched a new web tool to help you make your website load faster – Google Page Speed Online. So, it has now become imperative If not necessity for a blogger to make his website load faster if he wishes to see better visibility of his website in Google Search result page and to give a reason to the visitors to visit again. Continue reading WordPress Speed up Tips

Summer Marketing Tips to Give Your Business A Push

With winter over, it’s time to start thinking about how to most effectively modify your marketing efforts for the holidays. For some businesses, holiday sales determine the success of their year, while others simply try to make it through a few months of depressed sales. Whichever category your company falls into, there are things you can do to make your marketing more effective. Continue reading Summer Marketing Tips to Give Your Business A Push