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WordPress is certainly the most preferred blogging platform and everyone around is happy with the way it has been providing spectacular support. A perfect world it may seem. But there is a catch to it. WordPress is very much vulnerable to malicious attacks and in some worse cases, your passwords or login details can be compromised that can turn your blog into a disaster. 

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You have seen it already – glowing lines surrounding some model in a large billboard. In fact, the use of neon sign like effect is nothing new. As the result is amazing, more and more designers are applying this effect on images to make them look sublime and stunning. Check out this Photoshop tutorial to create an amazing glowing line –

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Image sliders are ubiquitous these days. Earlier designers used Flash to create image sliders but things have changed dramatically over the past few years. jQuery is now being widely used for creating cool image sliders. The reason behind the rise of jQuery and the dramatic fall of Flash technology as some designers rightly point out is the immense flexibility of jQuery. 

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Sometimes brands need to use watermarks on images to ensure that nobody can steal images or any other graphical elements without giving you proper credit in return. This tutorial will explain you how you can add watermarks to images.

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Clicking on any broken link is pain and can lead to leave the page, but a witty and well-designed 404 error page can be worked as a sweetens the pill. We have a collection of 10 amazing and imaginative designs to inspire you and implement.

The 404 pages design is a standard response code in HTTP that tells, you have to click on a broken link.

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All artists need a portfolio website to feature their artworks online so that prospective customers can view them and maybe hire them for a project. Thanks to WordPress, building a portfolio website has become incredibly easy. All you need is some WordPress portfolio plugins that can help you convert your otherwise ordinary simple WordPress website into a stunning portfolio website.