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Have you ever seen those beautiful colored stripes wallpapers that people use on their machines? Of course, you have seen as they are immensely popular. Now, what if I say that designing that type of colored stripes wallpaper is not that difficult as it might appear.

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I have heard a wise man saying that we should not be judging a book by its cover but as we are surrounded by not-so-wise people [just kidding no offense please] all around, you need to make it sure that the cover of the product looks stunning. The same goes true with people who browse the Apple App Store all the time to buy new apps.

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Ok, so you have hired someone to give your boring website a new lease of life. Great initiative no doubt about that. But it may happen that even after spending your hard earned money over the look and feel of the design, it may look appalling to the targeted audience and make your visitors cringe in dismay.

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Finding it tough to manage your workload easily and efficiently? In that case, you should have some cool mobile apps that can ease your pain. Check out the following apps that can convert your smartphone into a beast – 

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So, you believe that your web design skills are good enough to make you through 2013? It sounds great that you have armed yourself with knowledge to face the challenges of future, but not everyone. Since the field of web design is changing all the time, you may find that you unaware of some latest developments that are changing the very shape of web design and development.

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Photo Collage really looks cool and creative. And believe me creating a Photo Collage is not that tough given the fact that you know exactly how to create it. With a little bit of understanding of image editing application like Photoshop, you will be able to create stunning Photo Collage effect. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started –

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Polygon Wallpapers look cool and creative. You can find zillions of tutorials out there that teaches you how to create a Polygon Wallpaper but most of them are immensely time consuming if not overwhelmingly difficult. To help you out, here we are going to present a simple Photoshop tutorial that will help you draw a Polygon Wallpaper from the scratch. Let’s get started –