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1) Mac Photo Gallery – WP

Apptha Mac Photo Gallery is the ultimate plugin for WordPress website. This WordPress Image Gallery plugin is neatly designed that gives a perfect array of images in your website. Also it comes with Mac doc Effect lets your images to glow separate when the cursor is placed on it. The best features also works whether you are Click on an image and get the maximized view it with carousel effect. Other features of the plugin include: easy installation, Smooth Gallery and view galleries with Facebook effect, extensive admin panel and many more.

2) Next Gen Gallery

This is another WordPress image gallery plugin. It allows who wants to be able to easily store and manage multiple galleries in their site storage space. With this excellent plugin features of you can set up specific images enables with the users to do this. Next Gen will make stands our largely for the simple admin and maintenance features.

3) Awesome Flickr Gallery

This is professional image gallery plugin for WordPress. It enables you to share your photos from social media without having to keep them in your sites database. In the free Flicker example for its quality and making your website galleries appear as your want them. And more over others great plugins available that can integrate with Instagram, Pinterest and different social networks where you want to stored your pictures. The galleries acted by this plugin further look great and allow a cool slide show.

4) Shutter Reloaded

This is free plugin for creating completely cool slide show on your WordPress website. Shuttle Reloaded plugin has range of features and the flexibility it gives to users. It is one of best WordPress image plugins for web novices who do not have the first clue about HTML or image size. And it is excellent for boosting the loading times of images. You can also check this plugin being compatible with all of the main browsers; the thing your WordPress site great looking on the screen.

5)  Lightbox Gallery

This plugin will help change the view of galleries. Lightbox Gallery plugin has it has translations to lot of different languages. With this plugin, you can make it easy for you with creating photo galleries in your posts or pages in natural languages. Also it offers an easy way to embed unlimited lightbox galleries on your website.

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Want to create a Forum in your WordPress based website? Well, you would not necessarily have to hire a wordpress developer to get things done because there are some cool WordPress forum plugins available that can help you create stunning forum in a matter of few minutes. Here we are going to give a roundup of top forum Plugins for WordPress – 

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eCommerce industry is going through a massive change right now as new technologies are hitting it almost everyday. eCommerce is shaping the ways we were used to sell things online but the industry in itself in a constant state of change as it has been impacted by 3 new trends that have made this platform more engaging and intuitive. Here we are going to do an analysis of top three trends that are shaping the face of eCommerce technology –

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WordPress is popular among web designers and developers because it is fairly easy to use and help us get things done quickly. Thankfully, WordPress has a vast repository of cool plugins that can help you get things done without writing a single line of code. Here we are going  to give a roundup of some plugins that can help you get things done in matter of few minutes –

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The current Smartphone technology has brought a revolution in the field of learning. Education is seeing a very different aspect. Learning is easy and fun, and it has never been on such a rapid pace. Most of these applications are designed in a way which benefits the students. They can independently handle these, and can learn a lot.

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Want to create underwater text in Photoshop but no idea where to start? Well in that case, you have come to the right place. At Brandingly, here we are going to teach you how you can create stunning underwater text effects in Photoshop without wasting hours. Let’s get started – 

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Creating a Colour Spectrum or Rainbow wallpaper in Photoshop is not that intimidating as it might appear to some. If you know the tricks, you can design a cool and colorful Rainbow Wallpaper for your desktop or laptop without wasting much of yours precious time. Follow this tutorial to be able to create a stunning color spectrum wallpaper -