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A JavaScript Library is a collection of numerous pre-written JavaScripts. When AJAX and other web technologies, became popular in the market, these JavaScript Libraries came into surface. Created with an aim to help the web developers focus solely on AJAX based applications; these JavaScript libraries serve a number of purposes. Each JavaScript Library offers some unique functionality, which makes it worthwhile. Some libraries allow you to have proper integration of JavaScript with other technologies, while others may facilitate to remove the inconsistencies between two runtime environments. 

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Firstly in order to install Joomla on your web server you will need to download the latest version from the Joomla website http://www.joomla.org/download.html.

Next depending on what you are using Joomla for and where you prefer to have it installed you can either install it in the main html folder of your server or you can create a “joomla” directory inside your html directory for your web server. Throughout this installation I will be referring to the joomla directory, however you can install it where it best suits your website.

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You create all your customers fairly and squarely but in spite of that you will often find that a small percentage of your customers is badmouthing your brands on social media for apparently no reason. You may bump into some negative feedback that can make your skin crawl in disbelief, but this happens and there is no way you can escape it no matter how hard you may try.

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    Have you ever login to your webmaster tools’ account? Did you have a look how many crawl errors it has identified so far? Crawl error is very common and therefore, it makes sense to keep a close eye on it. Now, what if Google Webmaster tools picks up a massive 30K somethiing crawl errors? How on earth you are supposed to go through this insurmountable task. You need to form a strategy to make your life simple and here in this article; we are going to show you how you can do that. 

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      You can lead a visitor to your website, but you can’t make him buy your service. This is the eternal dilemma of an online marketer. It is frustrating to see that even after making a website rank high in some competitive keywords, there is no visible increase in the number of conversions.

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      Google as you and I know it already is the world’s most trusted and smartest search engine and that being said, we can safely assume that it has tons and tons of data in its data center. But sadly enough these data are kept secret and there is no way you can have access to them. 

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      Playing down the importance of pricing table can cost you an arm and length. In fact, from marketing perspective, it could be the cradle and grave of your online prospect. Designing a simple yet highly attractive pricing table requires a little bit knowledge of both design and usability. However if you are clueless about where to start or where to end, this post is dedicated for you: